"The beautiful dove who gave birth to God the Word"

08/23/2012 11:17

Happy Feast of St. Mary! For this month, I thought I would post another heartfelt song from the album "The Story." This song is called "Be Born in Me," by Francesca Battistelli. What I love about this song is that it highlights the greatest qualities of St. Mary. This song is written in her perspective as well, and it describes how loyal and willing she was to follow God's plan for her when she was told she was going to give birth to our Savior. What I really admire about St. Mary was that she was neither hesitant or afraid to follow God's will for her. She knew that the punishment of the time for women who were pregnant out of wedlock would be stoned to death, yet she was obedient and willing. Which leads to my favorite line of this song, "I am willing, I am Yours."