Death has lost and Love has won

03/01/2011 09:56

For this month, I thought I would share another song from an album called The Story, which was where the song from last month's entry, "This is How Love Wins," is also from. This song is called "Alive" by Natalie Grant, which is in the perspective Mary Magdalene. In this song, she is marveling at the fact that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. In an interview with the writer of this song about the process of creating the lyrics, she said "At the end of the day, I was overthinking it. I was trying to place Mary at the tomb and have some deep, theological "aha" moment, and the truth is, she was stunned and breathless... 'My Lord, You're alive' - then I thought it couldn't be that simple, but it is that simple." This song can be helpful in our journey in the Lental season to remind us that Jesus overcame death and that we should marvel in the beauty of His resurrection and let it really move us spiritually.

"Alive! Alive!

Look what Mercy's overcome

Death has lost and Love has won"