May 1, 2012

07/01/2012 21:45


Xristos Anesti, everyone!

This is a great time of year in the church. With the holy 50 days in full swing, I really enjoy her celebratory spirit-- so much joy in the hymns and practices of the church right now. Add to that the blooming of spring and I can't help but be happy!

During this season I feel like God does so much to call us into a time of rebirth. As things grow and give life in spring, with Mother's day to remind us of those who brought us into the world, and most importantly with the resurrection of Christ, He calls each one of us to new life and transformation.  I love to think of the opportunities that lie ahead during this time. God's promise is clear. You can be renewed and transformed! He is always ready to receive and help us, but I feel like this time of year He does so much to reach out to us and draw us into new life.

I have felt so much enjoyment and edification in this season thinking about the ways that God reaches out to me and loves me by offering transformation. I hope this time of year is equally fulfilling for you!