Saint Nino

    Written by Monica Mikhail ~Saint Nino was born in Cappadocia and was the only daughter to the Roman general Zabulon and Susana. When she was twelve years old, she was given to an elder woman, Nianfora, to be brought up. Everyday Nino prayed and read the Holy Scripture resulting in a great love for Christ.

    The whereabouts of the Lord’s robe interested her when she read about the Lord’s crucifixion in the Gospel. According to tradition, Nianfora told her it was taken to Iberia, to the city of Mstkheta and granted to the soldier who had won it during the lot at the Lord’s crucifixion.

     She went to the city of Mstkheta, as advised by Saint Mary the Mother of God, and was greeted by Anastasia and her husband. Anastasia’s husband built a small hut in the corner of their garden for Nino where she spent days and nights praying and singing Psalms. One day a woman was carrying her dying child from door to door seeking help from anyone who might be able to heal him. Nino took the child and prayed on him and returned him to his mother alive and healthy. She then started to preach the word of God openly. Nothing astounded the people more than the way she prayed fervently and her devotion to the Lord. She converted the nation of the Iberians to Christianity by her preaching. Eventually, Nino found the spot where the Lord’s robe was buried with a certain girl, Sidonia. There, a church was built. May God grant us the desire to pray with as much devotion to Him as Saint Nino.