Entry from Mareena Roufail

12/02/2011 09:55

Here we have a few very lovely, heartfelt poems by Mareena Roufail. She is a second year biology major at UC Irvine and loves to write in her spare time.


"Join Me"

Join me on a roller coaster ride

One you've never been on before

It's number one! for just FIVE bucks!

It's all you ever wanted, and more


BUT you can only come if your hair is spiked

If you're filthy rich and overly liked

If your nails are done and your charm put on

If you buy your clothes from Louis Vuitton

If you're under 120 pounds- never more

If you work out like crazy; hardcore

If you're friends with Jack and Jacky and Jill

If you're a basketball player, or friends with one still


Otherwise step back, off of the wheel

...Now how does that make you feel?


I say you join me on another ride

one for no bucks......instead of five


"Don't Worry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

It was almost Christmas time

And all I had on my mind

Was how much money I had saved

And how well I had behaved

Lord you know that I love you

But lord my head’s a complete stew

How should I wear my hairdo

On Christmas Eve when I praise you


And what will my friends say

When I wear the same dress as last year

I have no money, I have no time

For all the things I have in mind


But love, you’ve got it all wrong, God said

He looked at me and shook his head

I want your heart and nothing else

Your love, your praise, your spiritual health

I want you to know that I first loved you

That I was Born… and died for you

And no matter how rich or how poor

This world makes you think you are

You’re rich in Me, you’re rich in truth

You’re MY life and shining star


I fell on the ground, for I didn’t know

The truth behind this big- world’s show

But God comforted me, and whispered in my ear

Don't worry, MERRY Christmas and HAPPY New Year!





People scare you?

Humans have played you?

Friends have cheated you

Love has forgotten you

Family underrated you

A whole life ahead of you

Loneliness follows you

And truth itself lied to you



Friends we are, you and me?

Got each other’s back ‘til eternity?

Well here’s reality

You’ll be faced with brutality

There’s not much hospitality

You’ll be let down by your family

And all the people you think they be

Well, who is trust worthy?

And do you trust too easily?



To what percent?

Your brother got into a car accident

You’ve wronged too much, you need to repent

The road you followed was secretly bent

God warned you many times, but you still went

You have everything but you’re not content

And when you’re to blame, you circumvent




Buildings are too tall

You’re too small

Don’t get too close, build a wall

Watch every step, very hard you’ll fall

No Romeo, no dance hall

You can’t believe your eyes, you enthrall

The world you see is a sick call


I’M scared!


But not scared enough to deny that I’m scared

I’m terrified

But not weak enough to deny I’m impaired

Intimidated but not paralyzed

I got my heart sterilized

You know what I just realized…



Of strong faith I am

But I’m human, and I’m scared

In God I trust

But I’m human, and I’m scared

God never left my side

But I’m human, and I’m scared

God has it planned out

But I’m human, and I’m scared


When I shouldn't be.